Event Policy

Article 1

Company will only collect personal information that is relevant for the purposes stated in this privacy policy. The personal information will be processed to provide services, including organizing events and facilitating participant networking through the company website and associated services. The company will also use the personal information to provide customer service, send information and communications, and inform about promotions and news related to the company's services. The company is commited to adhering to applicable laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal information and maintaining confidentiality.

Article 2

At the event, it is forbidden to:

  • Try to access or be in sections restricted to certain ticketholders unless in accordance with your ticket or credentials, such as press rooms, offices, backstage, and working areas.
  • Climb tents, constructions, fences, closures, lighting columns, tables, benches, or any other infrastructure of the event site.
  • Obstruct entrances, exits, and evacuation routes or linger at these locations longer than strictly necessary for entering or exiting the event site.
  • Wear a disguise or obstruct your face to avoid being recognized.
  • Display or make texts, symbols, images, gestures, wear clothing, or articles of dress that, in the sole discretion of event staff or security personnel, contain and/or display language and/or images that are obscene, racist, xenophobic, provocative, hate speech, or discriminatory.
  • Be under the influence of illegal drugs or any other illegal substances.
  • Clearly suffer from alcohol intoxication that, in event staff's sole discretion, has caused you to be in an impaired state.
  • Disturb the peace, demonstrate an intent to disturb the peace, provoke someone else to do so, or compromise the safety of the general public.
  • Sell drinks, food, or any other product without the express consent of the company.
  • Throw or shoot any object or liquid, or throw or shoot any other product in loose or gaseous form.
  • Smoke in the non-smoking areas.
  • Urinate in public.
  • Re-enter the event after being removed or banned from the event, even if you are in possession of a new ticket (such a ticket will not be refunded).
  • Deface, mark, damage, tear down, or otherwise destroy, in whole or in part, any of the decorations, infrastructure, or part of the event site.
  • Liter or fail to maintain the cleanliness of the event site.
  • Resist the direction of, and search by, security personnel.
  • Refuse to declare and forfeit objects that are considered to be dangerous or off-limits by the event's security personnel – security personnel are under no obligation to return such forfeited items.
  • Act in violation of the provisions of one (1) or more articles of these regulations or the spirit thereof.

You must heed the directions of event organizers and security personnel at all times while on the event site. If you fail to comply with such directions, you will be removed from the event site, and, if necessary, event staff may call on the police for assistance.

Article 3

By attending the event, you consent to receive medical care and transportation in case of injury, as deemed appropriate by event staff, security, police, or medical professionals. You agree to release and hold the company harmless from any liability related to your medical care. You acknowledge the risks of attending the event and assume responsibility for any injuries or damages, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct by the company.

Article 4

By attending the event, you understand and agree that you may be photographed and filmed. You provide consent for the company to use and distribute the images and recordings for promotional and commercial purposes without compensation to you. You waive any moral rights and acknowledge that the footage may be used to identify and prosecute illegal conduct. Professional or commercial recording of the event without written consent is prohibited. You agree that these terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between you and the company, superseding any prior understandings or agreements. You also agree to be bound by any updates to the terms and conditions posted on the website.